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Siberian Kiwi


Food & Beverage


Market Research
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Brand Messaging
Website Design & Development
Packaging Design


The Siberian Kiwi was born on an icy-cold winter day in Akademgorodok, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Russia. Amazed at the quality of Russian staple foods, a thought came to mind. Where do the Eastern-European expats living in Indonesia get their buckwheat? After extensive market research, they found that they were smuggling the stuff in suitcases. Seriously. A few months later, Siberian Kiwi was online. Hooked on their story (and their buckwheat), we teamed up with them to launch the next phase of the business, building a brand for the world’s best staple foods from Russia. Now, everyone is happy, even the smugglers.


Our goal was to recreate the experience of stepping into the magical world of the Siberian steppe. Hand-drawn illustrations, strong fonts, playful elements and a highly interactive digital experience that are inspired by Siberian Kiwi’s core values. Our approach to packaging reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability, featuring recyclable paper and glass. With a bold identity, we brought a spunky and spirited brand system to life that sums up the vision of Siberian Kiwi: respecting the tradition and indulging in the experience of consuming healthy organic foods from other cultures and celebrating the world one tasty bite at a time.

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