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Njords Ark


Furniture (Cruise Line)


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Design
Social Media Marketing


Founded in 2020, Njords Ark is a Danish company that focuses on delivering high quality furniture to the cruise line industry. In a highly competitive market where trust is everything, the four young founders had the vision to make the company the most valuable and trustworthy resource for cruise furniture. Njords Ark came to Myooz to help evolve their brand to reflect and fuel their disruptive position in the industry.


In order to understand the cruise industry culture and further solidify Njords Ark’s position within it, we spent time with the founding team becoming well versed in their vision, their challenges, and their target audience. Through our findings, we identified opportunities that could greatly establish the brand as a trustworthy choice and facilitate the progression from newcomer to leader. Through the creation of an innovative design system, from business cards to formal branded apparel, the visual storytelling brings the Njords Ark’s mission and principles to life through a rich and differentiated narrative. We introduced a website with utilities and functionalities that create a unique customer journey and give customers a reason to engage with the brand more frequently and on a deeper level. We also overhauled content standards and guidelines to craft a branded aesthetic and voice that is professional, trustworthy but contemporary. The result is a strong brand that challenges the cruise line industry by encouraging innovation and constantly raising the bar.

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Bali, Indonesia