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Mahallati Interior is an interior design, manufacturing and production firm based in Bali. With 40 years of collective industry experience and a growing portfolio well known for some remarkable design achievements in Indonesia, the firm constantly challenges the traditional role of interior design in our lives. In a project focused on taking interior design to a whole new level, the Mahallati team engaged us to develop a powerful brand to enter the global market.


Knowing that this high-end firm would need stunning deliverables, our team crafted a seamless brand experience consisting of refined messaging paired with breathtaking visuals. The brand identity system is minimal, impactful and truly flexible to reflect the design philosophy of the company. Looking to capture the smooth interior design process experience in tangible deliverables, our team designed a brochure as physical presentation that had a huge impact at client meetings. We also crafted every element of the website to be clean, soft, and indulgent, making the visitor feel more confident with every click. The end result of all the decisions our design team made is a brand that gives each visitor a taste of what awaits them. Now clients across the globe, turn to Mahallati interior for their exceptional interior design solutions.

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Bali, Indonesia