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Through its incredible, technologically-led indoor farms, KropNation grows the purest produce imaginable with 95% less water than traditional agriculture methods and zero pesticides. With a mission to create the modern farming company, we worked with Ruben and Ari to build a brand that could change the way people choose their greens. We built a brand rooted in nature, but supported by technology, a brand where purity and precision work together. With packaging that’s innovative and easy to spot on shelves, and a digital experience that’s warm and relatable, we were able to highlight KropNation’s breakthrough vision and tap into people’s desire for fresh, natural food.


Everything grown at KropNation starts with a crop, and the original branding started with a crop. For the evolved system, we designed a symbol that blends KropNation’s beliefs and vision for the planet, the plants and their customers. The icon represent life, the force that enables all things to thrive, and innovation that leads to a new day, while it conveys that customers are always at the center of every KropNation’s initiative. It’s a small, but powerful nod to the limitless potential of KropNation’s impact on the world and future of farming. Since new upstart competitors are constantly entering the produce landscape. We created a color pallet packed with shades of green, that also includes secondary colors inspired by our natural resources such as sun, water, land and leaves. The new palette is cleverly deployed across KropNation’s updated packaging system as a subtle way of finding device for flavor intensity and produce type. When introducing KroNation’s revolutionary greens on shelf, we needed to create an ownable package design that could capture customers’ attention in grocery stores. Departing from the ordinary designs often found in the category, we create a packaging with vibrant graphics and background illustrations pop on shelf and communicate key information clearly, while providing a window to the greens themselves.

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Bali, Indonesia