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Emerald Suites


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Partnering with Emerald Suites, a luxury accommodation project in Grenada, Myooz undertook the task of developing their brand. Our role was to assist in shaping a brand that could gracefully communicate the essence of this ambitious project, while still under development, to potential investors and future guests. With a focus on authenticity and alignment with the founders’ vision, we embarked on a journey to create a brand identity that was both reflective of their goals and sensitive to the nuances of the luxury market in Grenada.


The outcome was a brand image with a friendly and less corporate style that speaks to the heart. The art direction for Emerald Suites was guided by the natural beauty of Grenada and vibrant culture. In every curve of the logo and hue in the visuals, there’s a nod to the heart—both as an icon and an ideal—evoking a sense of calm and an invitation to a serene, culturally-rich experience.For the website, we embraced a user-centric design philosophy, emphasizing fluid navigation and accessible information. We carved out streamlined pathways on the web that guide and allow prospective investors and future guests to explore services, view property layouts, and obtain investment information with ease and clarity.Beyond the digital realm, we meticulously shaped tangible marketing assets. Our billboards and pitch decks carry the essence of Emerald Suites into the physical space, designed to captivate and spark the imagination. These pieces are not just informational; they are an invitation, a visual call to step into the world of Emerald Suites and be part of its unfolding story.

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