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Adhering to the belief in holistic renewal and the philosophy that the food we eat should reinvigorate and nurture us through natural ingredients and inspiring tastes, Chora is a new Mediterranean restaurant and bar that brings a unique dining experience from Mykonos to Bali. The property was completed in 2022 as a celebration of low key luxury and organic materials, a creative dialogue between both tactile materials and natural living, resulting in a bohemian reference point where lightness folds into warmth. The founders of Chora contacted Myooz to develop a brand that embodies history, heritage, style and simplicity in equal measures. Our vision was to build a visual experience around the bare bones of Mediterranean Archipelago that liberate the mind and nourish the soul.


In collaboration with the founders, we looked for a holistic approach that would bring every element together harmoniously in a re-invention of the ancient socio-cultural concept of ‘Agora’ or ‘gathering place’. We worked closely together to develop the brand positioning and visual language that would transform the rough tradition into an effortless unaffected luxury. A neutral canvas, a monochrome palette and organic design put emphasis on simplicity and is an ode to the local Mediterranean culture. We infused the custom website with traditional photography from the Greek islands, curating every detail from Social Media to flyers and banners, devoutly following classic Mediterranean minimalism that blends with modern elegance. The design result is a brand identity that celebrates heritage and transcends the various design disciplines to present a total experience.

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Bali, Indonesia