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Babi Bagus


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Babi Bagus is a fast casual restaurant in bali that serves babi guling (rolled pork), an iconic dish of the local culinary repertoire. What initiated the concept was the idea that many chefs have given the premium treatment to iconic national dishes like the burger, the pizza or tacos, but nobody had done that with this classic balinese comfort street food. The Babi Bagus team engaged us to help them present a brand to the general public that is very approachable, stylish and fun while it remains original and faithful to the tradition.


The restaurant is modern yet traditional and this was the cultural tension we set out to solve.
The element that inspired our approach was this juxtaposition between the local and western culture that peacefully coexist on the island. We leaned into this duality with subtle cues in the design system. Brand elements are paired purposefully in contrast with one another to provide emphasis as well as contribute to the feeling of the brand. The entire system leverages this concept of juxtaposition, from the name and the visual identity of the restaurant, to the stark differences on social media. The result was a well defined strategy that enabled Babi Bagus to successfully connect and reconnect with local customers and tourists.

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Bali, Indonesia